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Originally Posted by - Paul - View Post
yeah - looking at upgrading the graphics soon I think. Also ordered this mobo so will need new processor as well.
Go for a 2500K or 2550K paired with a Cooler Master Hyper 212+. Just did a build myself and went this route.

Either of those chips can run at 4GHz on stock volts (what I'm running) or 4.5 on slightly higher but still safe voltage (~1.35), both air cooled (that cooler is by far the best bang for your buck) and at reasonable temps. There are people running them at 5GHz on water cooling 24/7. Great great chips. Intel also has a $20 additional warranty where they replace the chip if you happen to fry it.

I picked up a 2550k for $170 shipped about 2 weeks ago on hardforum. Also got my mobo there for $100, looking to upgrade graphics to a 570 gtx as soon as the next GPU is released so prices come down a bit.

Tbh, you're better off going for a 670/680 due to the 3-monitor setup, but again, I'd wait a bit for a new release + lower prices.
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