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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
I never said it couldn't be done vis a vis lap times. I'm saying that once you go bigger than a car the size of an M3 (such as a Panamera, M6, M5, CTS-V, etc.) you lose those attributes that make it a "driver's car" and it becomes a sporty cruiser type.
Well you said the M3 was a GT car now yet you couldnt figure out why the OP was comparing the M3 to another GT.
Btw a lot of M3 drivers trade their M3's for other cars like the GT-R that lack rawness,or cant be considered driver's car. There are many GT-R vs M3 threads,that's what makes car forums i guess.
i really enjoyed the OP's review although i kind of expected the outcome. I think his review was spot on.