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Volvo was excellent with reliability back in the shoe box days (240). However, even when the little things went wrong, there was a Euro car tax. At some point though, between the bulletproof 240 lineup and the 850, reliability went out the window. The 240s we had were incredibly reliable and ran almost forever (non-turbo gas and one diesel), but the 850s we had (turbo) were nightmares, both the engine and transmission along with various electronic problems. Not sure if our experience was the norm, but we did have two 850 T5s and both were nightmares (a '95 Turbo and a '97 T5).

Saab... what year are you looking to get into? Around the turn of the century, they made cars that blew up before they left the lot (<-- hyperbole), and the '99 SE I had was by far the most problematic car I've ever owned. That's saying a lot, because I also got one of the "bad" 335s. I've heard Saab has done better since then with reliability, but I think they've been dead last or near dead last for years still (JDPower). Come to think of it, I had a buddy who had one of the 900 turbos from the 80s and his was pretty reliable. Not sure if that was the norm back then though.