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Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
Take it to a shop and pay the hundred bucks. I tried swapping out just the hfc part (I have the active pipe) and it took way to long and is very difficult to work on your back. I'm assuming you have rhino ramps and the actual lift is only a little over 6 inches. If you still try, save yourself a day and get a friend to pass you tools. Getting in and out is a bitch! Quick tip: don't tighten anything until everything is in place and save the header tightening for last and do the part attached to the catback first. Happy DIYing!!
Thanks for the tips, man. How do you like the sound of the AA with the HFC's and x pipe? I've got an AA rear that I'm pairing up with a Challenge Sport cats and pipe. Any noticeable drone at cruising speeds? How would you compare the sound to just the rear section? I fully expect it to be very loud and boomy at low RPM's and around town.