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Buying an exhaust in Germany


I bought my e92 M3 this past fall prior to deployment, having just enough time to break her in and enjoy the car prior to our mild winter this year. The plan is to take the car on an awesome R&R road-trip in two months and I am looking into getting some parts, including an exhaust, for the trip.

Thankfully, I am good friends with the rear-d Commander and he is willing to let me mail him parts and will take the car to the dealer for a service and part install prior to my return in September. I don't want to waste any days waiting on the car to get prepped! The million dollar question, however, is where do I buy an exhaust from? Remus, Akrapovic, and Eisenmann, for example, are all popular exhausts produced here in Europe. Is it cheaper and/or easier to buy these with a VAT form than have something shipped from the US? I find it hard to believe that it would be cheaper to do have a part made in Europe shipped to the US then shipped back to Europe for install. Where have y'all bought your exhausts from in the past? Any recommended dealers or installers?