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Dash lights say I need oil, front / read brakes, suspension etc

Hi All,

My e90 m3 2008 (recently purchased second hand) is showing the triangle exclamation icon lit up (yellow/orange). The car has 39,480 miles.
It also shows the light bulb with the ! in it now when I turn the car on.

It was recently at a BMW dealer for the triangle ! icon (turned out my oil was low, loose oil cap / leaked a little oil in the engine. They topped it up and fixed that and claim to have done a inspection on the car which turned up nothing more).

When I go to the service info using the blinker control to navigate the menu it says I need a 3000 mile oil change, 12000 mile front brakes, 14000 rear brakes and gives me dates in the future for road worthiness service/check.

Yesterday I was getting a light that indicated I needed a oil change in 6 months time. And the yellow exclamation icon would go off after being on for a minute or too.

I plan to take it to a BMW dealer tomorrow to have them look it over and see if I can get a loaner car since I need to get around town for work.

But is there anything I should specifically ask about or know about these cars? Having never owned a BMW before im not familiar with any known issues or possible recall items I should ask about.

Also do you guys have any advice as to what might be causing the small triangle ! icon?

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