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W Cole

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ZCP Spring Retrofit?

I have searched thoroughly and am very surprised that I couldn't find anyone who has lowered their non-ZCP car by installing ZCP springs. I saw one member who retrofitted the entire ZCP strut and spring assembly onto this non-ZCP car and I noted in one post he questioned if the ZCP struts are any different than non-ZCP.

There seems to be a ton of conflicting information about the differences between ZCP and non-ZCP cars. I was wondering if anyone could lend some insight on the following:

- Are the ZCP struts different than non-ZCP?

- How is the lowering accomplished on a ZCP car? Springs? Different spring pads? Altered spring perch location? Or a combination of?

I could be going in the wrong direction entirely and perhaps this is why no one else has attempted this. I am looking for a very mild drop that will not prematurely wear out my struts and other suspension components. Perhaps the Dinan stage 1 kit is my best bet as I have read it provides a very similar ride height to ZCP?