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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
honestly I think BMW just running out of supply. The M's are selling like hotcakes. Allocations are used to maintain production etc.. I;m sure the brand is doing so well that they can't keep up. Thats my guess.

I don't see it lifting anything soon if at all on the M3. However it may with M5 and M6. I don't see those models being as high in demand as the M3.
I have no proof of this but I am in firm belief that BMW has purposedly kept demand high by decreasing the output. Even though in 2009, it was wreck for the economy and especially hard for car dealers, but back then you can choose from 100 MT Coupe M3 in the southeast---- look at it now, barely 15 across the US. Did they saturate the market too much in 2009 2010 time frame and they leared their lessen OR are they becoming greedy and net profit is KING?
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