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Originally Posted by TMNT View Post
Well of course they're going to pay something haha. The government isn't going to offer free healthcare by way of tax credits, they just want to make it cheaper for companies to offer it.

Just like everything that happens in this world, some people are going to be happy and some people aren't. But that doesn't mean this law should be repealed. It will be improved over time just like our constitution was.

However if this law is ever repealed, then they better get rid of Medicare and Social Security too or its all just political bullshit.
Hardly the same thing. If this bill doesn't get repealed, there will be many losing jobs and money being pulled out of the private market and into the public. Its not political, its practical.

Of course they will have to pay something regardless, but the point is they didn't have to pay in the first place...Thats the problem here. dont misinterpret this as me being a fan of SS but there is a huge distinction.