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exchange rate is getting better.

Just got back from a europe trip (mostly motorcycles through the alps and little towns).

But we stayed in Munich for a couple nights pre- and post- motorcycle trip.

BMW Welt
is cool. I stopped there and grabbed a beer and watched the sites a bit.

New models on display for checking out

The BMW museum
is also pretty good though it's something like 9 euros to get into the actual good part of it (BS in my opinion... enthusiasts come there from all over the world supporting your brand and you charge them to check out your history? Charge like a <5 Euros if you want to keep freeloaders from just walking in).

HB and Augustiners in Munich
if you like beer. Then entire Marienplatz is good to walk around and grab food/beer.

Just south of Munich is a cute area -Prien and Lake Chimese - depending on your interests and who you are might like this (gfs and wives would probably love it more than dudes). Beautiful scenery with the mountains and the lake. Good places to eat along the lake.

Also somewhat close by - is the Grossglockner in Austria. We did this on the motorcycles on one of the most beautiful days of our trip. It's a "toll road" but totally worth it. It's one of the coolest roads for those people that like driving / riding.


Live shot of the very top:


Cheers...have a good time - plenty of stuff to do / check out in and around Munich. Oktoberfest is fun but a bit of shit show too. I loved it when I went in college... but my dad didn't enjoy it nearly as much... wasn't really his "scene" even though he loves drinking beer.

Those would be my run downs for you that are within reasonable distance to Munich. There are probably a million others things to do as well.. but that's my 0.02 from my recent trip a couple weeks ago.
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