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I was reviewing some of the other links from the video, and one guys posted this:

Originally Posted by Max Torque
Listen chaps, it's easy! Just remove one of the CAN bus wires from your J1962 OBD socket. The wires push backwards out of the plastic connector by pushing down a little locking tab. Then just tape said wire back onto the loom with a bit of electrical insulating tape.

Said thief is not going to be spending time with his head upsidedown in your footwells trying to find out why his tool can get coms with your car for any length of time. If your dealler needs to communicate with the car, they can just spend a min putting the contact back into place:

Remove either pin 6 (CAN low) or 14 (CAN high)
Instead of backing out the pin(s), I'm simply going to order one (or two) of these

and put it inline on one (or both) of the 6 and 14 wires. We can locate them wherever we'd like, as we don't have to trip the switch to start the car, so they don't have to be in reach of the driver. Seems like the most cost-effective, sensible solution to me. If you wire one on both pins, they can be in 2 completely different locations, which means a thief will have to try and trace and find out where they're running to, costing them valuable time.

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