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Originally Posted by TMNT View Post
-You didn't mention anything about the healthcare tax credit for small businesses.

-You didn't mention anything about the creation of required state-based exchanges to offer affordable coverage that will start in 2014 that will help small businesses by pooling their money together to get better rates. This is key because small businesses don't have the leverage or purchasing power that big business do who offer health insurance at a much lower cost to them. This will change that.

PLUS the bill doesn't state what type of health insurance you have to provide. For all they care, you could offer the absolute cheapest healthcare insurance offered.

If companies still decide they wont offer it (bad move competitively in all reality) then employees can get it on their own at affordable rates.

You only pay the penalty if you as a person can afford to buy it on your own, but choose not to. Because let's be honest, those lowlifes will immediately buy health insurance after their sick anyway and foot us with the bill, so we might as well charge them for it now.
The amount paid for healthcare minus the tax credit will still far exceed the $2000 tax, hence why i didnt bring it up.

Again, the state exchanges arent going to be able to bring an affordable enough rate forward to beat out the tax.

Lastly the bill states that you have to cover 60% of premiums or you are penalized. Im not sure of how much the penalty would be compared to the cost.