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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
From their product description:

"The LUX H8 V3 uses a unique power supply that is over 98% efficiency and does not need a heat sink for cooling since it produces no heat."

How exactly does any light source, let alone LEDs, produce no heat?
the base itself i think is the heat sink, but i'm no engineer...but even on the lux site it states to allow the bulb bases/heat sinks to cool before handling as they are hot after use....

that being said I've had my lux v3 kit since they were first out, a little over 18 months or so...I checked periodically for melting/component wear and tear and haven't noticed any....I've read of other LED AE kits that haven't been as fortunate and have had instances of component melting...

i do remember a thread regarding bulb temp between led v hid, v halogen that measured and compared temps for each type of fact it might have been eas or alpine that did the comparison...hmmm...IIRC led's did run the "coolest" of the 3 but still did produce heat...
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