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Range Rover feedback?

I was considering skipping over the performance car and going with something that is multi purposed. I do live in New England... and cars for me end up being a bottomless pit of investment. I do NOT like domestics, I value nice materials, reliability and off road capability with gas mileage in mind as well as the overall well rounded package. I like the X5 and Acura MDX... as well as the Lexus RX330 and 400 but the offroad capability is almost non-exsistant. I want an SUV that won't be mechanically finicky or tempermental and that I can keep for a while. I was considering a 2001-2002 Range Rover HSE... or maybe a 2003 or 2004 Range Rover HRE... I hear they are great off road, amazing in fact and that is surprising considering how bulky and low they look. I want something that does it all however and it seems like Range Rovers have there stuff together but the concern I have is that Land Rover is ranked second to last with only KIA being worse in reliability and the consumer reports has Land Rovers and Ranger Rovers with black dots in almost every catagory. If these are so great why are they evidently such crap. I don't want something that's going to be always giving me problems, I want something that I can count on. Is this the SUV for me? What are the typical issues with these and how to avoid them? Are these SUV's durable and capable off road or is it... "oh crap what was that noise" kind of deal.