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Originally Posted by Fen335i View Post
Great review, thanks! Has your car adapted to the new stage 2 tune now? (It's been a week). What do you think now? Any changes since your review on the 29th?
Well the car is still adapting since I havent had time to drive it as much as I would have liked to.
But the fuelconsumption has gone up to the more normal and I guess this has with the adaption to do.

But car feels good and really strong over 4000rpm
Below 4000rpm its hard to tell if I feel any difference.

But what I can feel is the removal of the cold start cycle.. Car is not at all that sluggish the first few mins. And no horrible sound from the air fans...

I dont know if Sal or Imran reads this thread but if you guys do can you please give me an answer what my next step would be?
Underdrive pulleys?
New Air filter/box? (have a KN filter in it)

And what brands?

I have a hard time seeing the Airbox "mod" beeing something you can gain from even if I seen "some" good dynos from it.. But Im open for suggestions