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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Here are the reasons I didn't:

1. Slightly heavier tires
2. I like the steering feel/responsiveness with 245's on the front
3. 255 PSS would mean I would have to ditch my spacers to prevent rubbing and I really like the filled out look that the spacers give me.
4. Not sure that there is a big increase in contact patch on the ZCP width wheels.

Did think about doing 275's in the rear. Would have gone with 285/30 if it was available, but PSS don't come in that size. In any case, I am happy with the PSS in stock size.

you don't want heavier tires and defend using spacers? 245's push on this car. 255 better, 265 even better, 275 perfect.

conti's are slower but not dangerous at all. i love PSS, but wouldn't swap until use up current tires. if buying new ones, no way would i pick oem sizes. too much understeer!
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