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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
What aspect of "handling" are you referring to? Yes, the steering response is fine. The overall composure of the chassis is fine. I am really talking about grip when you make sudden moves with the car like sudden hard punches on the throttle, especially on turns. Also much improved, is the feeling of grip as you accelerate through a turn. Less fish-tailing and wheelspin when the DSC is off. You can still slide the car when you want, but it is far more controlled and predictable.
Sudden hard punches on the throttle while in a turn is a not the best way to go around a corner by any means.But I do know what you mean about the grip,PSS have more overall grip and better ride quality.I actually like to hang the tail out once in a while and the conti's are very perdictable and controllable,not an issue with me at all. Even at the track I was able to steer with the rear end on the throttle coming out of turns,no sudden step outs or unperdictable characteristics at all.Very progressive actually.I like the conti's but will go for PSS very soon for a change.