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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
Hey Klammer just got the time to watch this video, and first of all, nice footage! I did notice that at first, you seemed to keep up with him a little bit, at the beginning. You would have kept up with him a little better, but after about a minute into the chase you were missing your breaking points, and apexes. As a guy who's a lot of time admiring your akra evo's at the track, (well, until your car gets smaller, and smaller, and then disappears into the horizon) I can tell you that I've learned to just let it go (especially after a mean flyby), and simply focus on my lines. See, once you start chasing, your eyes stay on the car you are chasing, and his lines, become your lines, which is a really bad thing, cuz it gives you an early or later entry.

Anyways this has me fired up for my next event, which is in 2 weeks! A little time, running with some stangs at MAM, is sure to help me test out my new mods, and improve my driving skills.
I hear ya, can't know the limits until you pass them
Originally Posted by pcload1etter View Post
That Porsche's acceleration was unreal! I love the "damnit!" haha
Originally Posted by sin911 View Post
Yeah, the 4.0 is a magical car. I still can't believe it's a 500 hp factory car with 4.0L displacement in a flat 6... Porsche has definitely nailed it with this car, it's a shame that the production was limited.
I want one sooooo bad!!
Originally Posted by Heckler&Koch View Post
I noticed that as well.

Although the OP was in the wrong gear on a couple turns from watching, thus him falling slowly more and more behind. OP was the better driver but if he would have been in the correct gear in and out of the turns (saw 2 turns in wrong gear, still fast) the GT3 would have remained at the same distance up to at least 3-4 mins of that video IMO. I also notice sometimes when you are chasing someone down you start following their same lines. Not a good thing.

Still great track time.
You are spot on! I rarely change gears (mostly focus on the line) but could definitely do better on the shifting. The journey continues
Originally Posted by kotik View Post

here is my vid chasing GT3RS, I have 2ppl in the car and AC on.

4.0 is nice and all, but... last weekend I was at the ring I got a chance to chase GT2RS 997.... now that, that gentlemen is a true beast. It was the first one I saw as well. Stock it's 620hp RWD MT, but this one had Akro exhaust and according to owner 680hp.The owner of the car owns racing company Anyway, I'm SC with around 600hp, on the straights that porche was easily getting away from me.
One day I'll get out to the ring.... one day!!
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