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Originally Posted by grussell View Post
I know this has been discussed before and I have searched and read many posts on the subject.

I would like to know from those that have firsthand experience with a ZCP car with 19" PSS 245/265 and 18" lightweight wheels 9.5" x 10.5" with 265/285 PSS.

Which combo performs better on the street? Looks aside, which do you prefer to drive?
I have not driven the PSS specifically in those sizes, but I have driven the 18" set-up you describe with APEX wheels and Hankook tires. The 18" set-up will ride better and grip better. You lose a bit of the steering sharpness. Overall, 18's are the best way to go. I stayed with 19's when changing out my tires from the Conti's to the PSS mainly because I had spent the money on the ZCP wheels and didn't feel like just ditching them, but PSS in those sizes on some nice 18's is likely the best overall set-up for the M3.
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