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Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
You too! Was disappointed we didn't get to grid up near each other any of the sessions; looked like you were reliably a few tenths faster each lap (those we didn't get caught in traffic at least ) and would have been awesome to see where I could pickup some more time. Next time! And glad the lug worked out.. I should have given you a few extras as spares... though I would seriously look into a stud conversion

BTW -- are you using an Emprum GPS with Harry's Lap Timer? (I thought I saw that setup in a vid of yours). I tried it for the first time at Laguna -- worked fine for like two sessions and then it just stopped picking up lap times (or would get a max of the first or second of a session...). Finally "solved" the issue by going back to the internal GPS... but the speed/G readings are abysmal and the laptimes are less accurate (Harry told me I got a 1:44.7 and I was STOKED... until I saw the actual time sheet )
Thanks again for the lug! I have spares at home. I actually brought one spare with me, but two sheared off.

Yes, I use Emprum GPS. And, yes, I've had issues with Harry's Lap Timer not working with the Emprum and, like you, have experienced poor accuracy when using the app without the Laguna Seca. It doesn't seem to be as much of an issue at other tracks for some reason. I don't know how to get around the Emprum issues but be aware that if you store too many laps in the app or run low on system space the app will not record laps. There is a thread on these forums where Harry himself has been answering questions about his app so you might want to post there with your issue.