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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
Thank you all. This seems like a very good option and within my budget($2k)... although I can't find the combo cheaper than $2400 shipped to APO. Can you recommend a vendor that sells both items, and at a reasonable price?

Tomorrow I'm heading to the tuner to see what are my options for my DD E30 320i. If it's competitive with the price of wheels/tires I might sway towards track prepping the E30 (it is just too much fun to drive). It seems that at the end of the day M3 is quite pricey to track... but we'll see.
I'm also interested in where you can spend $2k for the mentioned setup.

In case this doesn't work out. Don't run 245/265 on 8/9 rims. The tires are too wide for the rims and you'll hurt traction, tire wear, and steering feel. For an rcomp on those wheels you're looking at 235/255 max! Proper sizes would be 225/245.

Can you buy another pair of 9" rims and go with 255 on all four cornes and keep the two 8s for spares incase something happens at the track and you need to get home.