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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
We have a winner!. Great suggestion. The Nittos would probably be ideal--relatively cheap, great grip, they communicate fairly well, and they last a long time. Plus, I've heard a lot of people at the track complain about the Toyo R888. They say the Toyos are pretty greasy. Supposedly the Nitto NT01s are based on a construction similar to the Toyos, but apparently it's different enough that the Nittos are almost universally liked whereas the Toyos definitely are not.

In terms of driving the tires to the Ring, driving the Nittos on the streets/highways would be no different than driving the Toyos in that setting. I believe some forum members in California daily-drive the Nittos. But it's probably not the best idea--the compound is too soft and you would be more prone to pick up road debris. So just throw your Apex/Nittos in the car with a jack and torque wrench and drive to the Ring on your street tires like many of us do for track events. Take advantage of the utility this car offers--can't do that in a Cayman or Exige!

Thank you all. This seems like a very good option and within my budget($2k)... although I can't find the combo cheaper than $2400 shipped to APO. Can you recommend a vendor that sells both items, and at a reasonable price?

Tomorrow I'm heading to the tuner to see what are my options for my DD E30 320i. If it's competitive with the price of wheels/tires I might sway towards track prepping the E30 (it is just too much fun to drive). It seems that at the end of the day M3 is quite pricey to track... but we'll see.