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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Again, you are totally incorrect. Plenty of cases where lawyers have pursued this and won under the applicable state law. guess is you just got out of law school.
Ok, Prove it.

I posted evidence. You are simply providing garbage from your mouth. Heresay

Please post cases of someone successfully suing ebay motors and or the party selling the vehicle where it was resolved in court.... ya.... Ill wait for this one LOL. You wont find any because, IF there was a previous case, this ebay policy would have been corrected. Just because someone else had a similar case that correlates to this one, does not make it the same.

The cases I am almost certain you refer to are those which the dealer went back, on their own honor, to correct their image/mistake and did what they felt made things right. In this situation, you have recourse, albeit very expensive. Unless you want to sue ebay first to correct their policy. However the selling party would not honor the sale if the policy was changed after the sale date.
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