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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
Man that was close.... Thought the dealer would be closed on Sunday and got suckered into test driving HPE650 which is a Grand Sport modified by Hennessey with a supercharger strapped in. They had a really sharp looking 12' Z06 on the showroom floor, black on black 3LZ with the Centennial Special Edition package which I was a coin flip away from pulling the trigger on after 4 hours of negotiating but luckily the wife dragged me out and told me to sleep on it. The price was right but in the end I didn't want to trade the M3 in. I'll regret it later :P
I fail to understand why anyone would negotiate for 4 hours and not pull the trigger. Ive never spent more than 30 minutes negotiating, and always get invoice. Why didnt you just get it? Im sure you knew the price before you went in, and where you wanted to be.
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