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Does this exist: Forged, one-piece, super-concave?


Need some advice from the wheel gurus out there - the guys who know every wheel under the sun. I'm looking for a forged one piece super-concave wheel. Something hopefully in the vain of the OEM Competition wheels. I can't find any.

DPE SP-SC16's have the concavity i'm looking for, but they're not one piece. But i think this wheel is beautiful.

Morr vs8.2's - Beautiful wheels again, but not forged, and wish they were just a little more concave.

HRE P40SC - though this one is a forged one piece, from what I understand this wheel is not actually super-concave, but only semi-conical. Otherwise this would have been the wheel.

Would really appreciate some advice and input from the wheel pros out there. I'm also open to suggestions on wheels that don't necessarily look like the competition wheels (so long as they meet the other criteria) if you have any.

Thanks in advance to everyone.
- esquire

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