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I can't stand NASA and I've given them a couple chances

My first time with NASA SoCal they spent the driver's and download meetings talking about/comparing themselves to Speed Ventures. WTH?! I thought it was so lame for the organizer(s) to be so insecure about their own group.
I run with Speedventures a whole lot and not once have I heard NASA (or any other group) being brought up by the organizers during a meeting.

NASA people also tend to be stuck up and unapproachable (not to mention fun-killing strict)

A friend on mine came up all the way to BW. Bucket seats with OE 3pt belt was a no go for them. Having driven all the way to the track my friend sucked it up and got a harness and had it installed on the spot ($$$). Missed the first session or two before the car was ready and when it finally was NASA was like "oh it's your first time, you need an instructor, you need a harness on the passenger seat too" - Holy **** are you ****ing kidding me? Couldn't you have said it before? So much time and money wasted. 0 track time.

My first time with NASA NorCal; again the driver's meetings were unbearable, listening to those guys ramble on and on about the same thing, about their past, repeating the same thing dozens of times. We get it you're an old timer and you've been around, spare me your life story; I'm here to have fun not to get bored to death. Holy crap, I've never wanted to kill myself during a download meeting until NASA.

Unapproachable staff again. There was a seemingly noob in a stock RSX in HPDE4, on which I initiated a pass on the front straight (Sonoma). We was mid-track/left and I had more than ample space to pass between him and the wall. Out of nowhere the guy swerves towards the wall and give me a point by to it (yes to the wall). You couldn't fit a bicyle if you tried. I know this has nothing to do with NASA but the point is I wanted to talk with him and the staff. Gave up after a couple of failed attempts. Guy was just not interested.

Download meetings to me = drivers do most of the talking, sharing, discussing, what happened, etc. I don't go to those meetings to hear a old man ramble about 1965.

Anyways- I could deal with the meetings and the people if we were given lots of track time. NASA = 4 sessions, end of story.

Other groups you get longer sessions, or 5 sessions. Hell with CFRA @ Laguna Seca we got 5 25-30minutes sessions. Close to two hours and a half worth of track time.

I'm sorry but NASA can suck it. I'll only run with them if I have no other options.