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I would say 3 series owners are the biggest dbs. Great example would something that happened last month to me in my G37x sedan. My car was dropped, stanced set of wheels, and the Meisterschaft GTS exhaust(first sedan owner to own it). Everyday this guy in a 3 series would go in and out of traffic to catch up to me on one of the busiest roads we have in NJ (Rt 1) just because of the sound of my car. He even one day had the nerve to do the 3 honks next to me and took off. I'm sorry but I don't race people on public roads, especially during rush hour traffic. I also wouldn't race with the G37 sedan because that car is somewhat like a boat when it comes to suspension.

Most of the M3 drivers I see on a daily basis are 40+ and have no mods done to their cars. When I had the G37x modded (before I parted it out), every now and again I would have other owners of cars race up to my car to see what was done to it (oddly enough it was mainly Audi owners).