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Originally Posted by Merked M3 View Post
If you are stuck on tracking your car with 8inch front rims and 9inch rears it is doable. It will just be a good lesson in traction management. To be honest you are only losing .5 inches from the stock sizes, will still keep the same tire sizes as stock, and the tires will be better.

Go with the R888, they have a fat shoulder, will be wider than the others, and are 100 treadware R-comps. If you go with those tires you will have better traction than a stock M3 on 18s $ PS2s, which people track on all the time. Even though the car is supercharged, it will still act like a high revving M3, you will just have to manage throttle and inputs.

whew, you are really keeping me motivated, cause I was about to just say screw it... I really enjoy going to the ring, but being that I'm in the military, all these costs add up quick.... track wheels, tires, brakes, tire storage/mount dismount... If I can eliminate one of the variables, it would greatly ease the burden.

That wheel shop told me that R888's are no good for the m3 cause it's too heavy, and would eat through the tires really quick.... but at this point, the price really puts them on top ($1k vs 2k for dunlop's).

So what tire sizes should I get (can I get) with those wheels? 245/30/18 and 265/30/18 or 35 sidewall? Is a wider tire not possible on 8/9 wheel?

I don't want to beat myself in the chest much, but I run 8:10 BTG on street tires, stock brakes and stock suspension.