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Originally Posted by sc_tr0jan_m3 View Post
I would disagree with this comment. I've been with NASA for nearly 3 years and grew up in the system. If you take advantage of the different instructors and be open for comments and feedback, you can learn a lot.

I appreciate how NASA runs their events, especially the fact that you can get to know the other drivers pretty well in each group. The download sessions are helpful to make sure everyone is on the same page and also to get to know the other drivers you're with. I've been to NASA, NCRC, and CFRA in NorCal and the one thing I wasn't a fan of for NCRC and CFRA is that you have no clue who the other drivers are. If I were to be picky about NASA, it's that they're very much a racing organization. You won't get as much HPDE time as other groups.
Way too many cars in their HPDE. Must have been 50+ in group 3 at Infineon. Good if your objective is to dice (which is something they seem to encourage since they never talked about cooperative passing), but awful if you're looking for clean laps.

Also too many cars with mechanical issues. Nearly lost it because of a coolant spill and also got sprayed with someone's oil.

I heard it was a bit more open in group 4, but my track insurance specifically excludes 4, presumably with good reason.

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