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Just spent a morning of spirited driving in my friend's 2010 Sti hatch which is equipped with a Cobb Accessport (not sure of specific specs).

Interesting little car. Extremely heavy clutch, decent steering feel, pretty narrow power band compared to the M3... and terrible brakes!

After 45mins or so of hard braking there was noticeable fade. This made me pretty nervous.

My friend loved driving my M3, as he had never driven one before.

I would have absolutely loved the STi if I was say a Freshman in college and it was my first performance car. However the Impreza heritage really shows when just cruising around. The interior looks like it is from a $15k car (because it is.) Also there are lots of rattles etc and the sound system sucks. I should add that he has a totally custom sound system with subs etc and it sounds much worse than my M3 EPS system. I asked him what he thought of the M3 stereo and he replied he didn't need it... he had the windows down enjoying the Dinan exhaust note.

I should mention that I had never driven a subaru of any type before this. The closest thing I have owned in the past was a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD turbo back in college.

Anyway, it is a cool looking little car and fun to drive for a couple hours but glad it won't stay in my driveway!
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