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NEED Help ASAP! Tire sizing...

Ok guys, really need some help.

I have winter set up with sport edition A7 wheels (8 and 9). I recently have broken down and decided to get track tires! I talked to this one shop, and here is what I got:
"the 8 and 9 are too narrow, you can only put 245/265 on there, and those tires are too skinny. You really should be going for 265/285. If you go with 245 front, your car will understeer a lot"

I know I know, I should have some track wheels, but... I have a lot of other expenses going out, so buying a set of wheels is out of the budget. Am I really going to be that screwed with 245/265? Can I go a bit wider with A7's?

The tire options are Toyo R888's, Dunlop Dirreza, Pilot Cup's. I am leaning towards R888's (cause of the price), but the shop is saying that the car is too heavy for those tires, and they will get destroyed very fast. Dirreza's are $2k vs $1.4 for R888.

Please help... oh, and I'm stock suspension, ESS 575kit, and I will be tracking Nurburgring.