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Originally Posted by maxxfish View Post
Don't worry about any of that stuff. There is no way a novice is going to boil his brakes the first time out.

You're fine without a neck pad, but gloves will be nice if it's super-hot and your hands get sweaty.

A novice in a GT3? Oh, sounds like fun! There's also a first-timer driving a Ford GT, hope I don't get those guys! Chin tends to pair students and instructors in similar cars, so it's likely you'll end up with Von or me.
Thx a bunch! I'm here tonight, hanging near my cousin's garage 3. Can't wait for tomorrow, do either of you have any extra oil I could buy in case I need a top off? Also, thoughts on track day imsurance? I plan to drive extra slow, it's the other guys I worry about, as this is my daily driver.