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Originally Posted by navarrojiii View Post
I just went to downtown LA Porsche yesterday to take a look at that Spyder but they informed me that someone from the bay area came and picked it up.... So you're the one that beat me to the punch! Lol
Congratulations, it looks nice. Enjoy!
Oh wow, no kidding? That's hilarious!

Yeah, I've been internet shopping for the past 3-4 months and I noticed that used spyders don't stay on the lot very long. I was fortunate enough to find this one right when it was listed and contacted them right away...been working with them the past week when we got to the point where I would need to show up Friday morning to secure the vehicle. So I left Thursday nite and got there right when they opened (two other guys actually came in around lunchtime right as we were finishing up the paperwork).

Anyways, have you decided what you were going to do? If you go for it I wish you the best of luck in your search, you wont be disappointed.