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ACM OEM Exhaust Mod

I know there are a few threads on this, however here is my write up as I just had the exhaust mod done this weekend...

I went up to Auto Couture Motoring in Fair Lawn, NJ this weekend to have their OEM ACM exhaust mod installed. Before, my M3 was a bit subdued, needed lots of throttle to really scream and was very reserved.

Now... it's a complete hot rod! I LOVE it! Who would have thought that an OEM M3 muffler just needed a little adjustment to sound like the monster it is.

My buddy just sold his E46 and is looking to jump into an E90 so he came along for a ride, brought his GOPRO and we got some before and after video. Before making the plunge he wanted to see the before and after sound.

On the way up I unfortunately got carried away listening to the OEM exhaust and got pulled over doing a bit over the limit. Was unintentional as we were trying to hear the exhaust through an overpass. Must say it's the best stroke of luck i've ever had with an officer. Young guy and was very polite. He wanted to know what the hurry was and I was honest that we weren't and were just listening to the exhaust and went a little too fast. Going 28 over the limit I walked away with a Careless Driving ticket instead of 1. Getting my car impounded and 2. Getting a speeding ticket. Props to the officer for being understanding as it was a mistake and I have a clean record. He smiled and said it's a nice day, that I have a nice car and to just slow it down.

Major thumbs up

ACM had the replacement setup all ready for install so the whole swap took about 30 minutes.

Few other members met up at ACM also to check everything out. Overall great turn out and the lot was full of beautiful M3s!

Great meeting everyone and look forward to hearing Knicks with the ACM mod next! Thanks to Jason for taking all the video!

ACM Exhaust mod


ACM Exhaust inside the cabin

Stock vs. ACM



Stock Drive

Drive through a reservation

Sal's M3 with satan in the exhaust, JCap is the GoPro guru



the shop, very nice might I say

Thanks to the guys at ACM for coming up with a great exhaust mod that doesn't break the bank, bunch of great guys with a nice shop!
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