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Has any random person ever taken a picture of your car?

So the other day when I was getting a haircut, I walk out and have a smoke before I start driving (I don't smoke in the ride).

Anyways while I am puffing away and admiring the great detail job I did, I see a guy get out of his car, walk over to mine, do a walk around it, look inside, pull his phone out of his pocket, step back, and take a picture. He also did a close up pic of my wheels too.

I thought it was funny (though I did take the license plate to his car down just in case he was going to steal/burglarize my car if he ever saw it again. Paranoid? Maybe.)

That was the first time I have ever witnessed this. It got me to thinking, has anyone ever have this happen to them where some random person took a picture of your car?