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Originally Posted by ajshanny View Post
My wife and I are thinking about going to the F1 race in Spa this year and it would be great to hear from others who have attended in the past or who have been to Spa. In particular, I'm interested in knowing what the area is like, what area of the track is best for viewing, where to stay, how bad is traffic to and from the race, are all the restaurants and places to stay packed, is there a shuttle service to the track, etc.
I haven't been to SPA for the F1 but everything is packed for other races so F1 would be 100 times worse and prices will be raised significantly I am sure. If you stay at a four/five star hotel in Brussels (about an hour away or Liège 30 min) they can take care of the shuttle (restaurants etc.). Spa the region is fairly rural so when 100k plus fans converge it gets a bit crazy and things get booked up fast.

With just over 2 months until the race I am not sure what will be available- have you looked at tickets?