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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
35psi all around. Its in the manual.
We're talking about the 220M's, right?

Mine says:
Front (245/35R19): 33 PSI (or 41 PSI for > 100 mph)
Rear (245/35R19): 35 PSI (or 44 PSI for > 100 mph)
The tires on it were PS2's.

If the previous owner switched wheels/tires, be warned that your speedometer could be off (unless he had it re-calibrated). You can estimate the error by going to tirerack and checking their #of rotation per mile spec. The ratio between this for the old and new tires will tell you approx how low/high the speedo will tend to read. For instance, if the new tires are smaller (rotate more times per mile), then your speedo will say you're going faster than you really are. Obviously, going to a larger-radius tire is the case to watch out for.

Oh, and word has it speed is computed based on the rear wheels.