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I have an E6-16 set. I also have an air compressor. And many feet of extensions and u-joints. I don't use those tools. And I have done this job six times.

I was above the car and under the car trying to figure out the easiest way to swap x-pipes. My experience was that the flex head ratcheting wrench in 10 mm folded at a right angle and slipped up over the top of the torx head from below was the easiest way. There is little space to get a regular ratchet with a torx head up from below, so you would have to approach from the top. Do a line of sight from under the hood. Do a test with your socket extensions to see whether you can easily get down there. It can be done. The question is what is the easiest way to get the job done without damaging anything. You will have to decide for yourself.