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by far one of the nicest M3's that I have seen! Its all show AND all GO! Again, just like everybody else has said, loose the M badge on the front and personally I dont like the carbon fiber "ducts" if you want to call them that, on the side skirts... Looks a little tacky to me and doesnt really flow with the car. Also like another member said, the red angle eyes are kinda,ehhh.... well I personally think if it had some 6K lux angel eyes, it would be the ultimate M3. But overall mad props to whom ever the car was built by and also the owner!

on another note arent the barrels gloss black? not silver like a member said??? I cant tell from the angles the pics are shot at but I would assume they are gloss black seeing as I cant see them. LOVE the concave style wheel and I didnt know you could fit a 305 on the back of an m3?? Had to have some custom work done there as well or the wheels are just that much concave that the offset made it work/fit perfect. Very impressed and CONGRATS!!!!
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