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I can list shitty cars I've gotten from dealership when i was under 21 and wasn't allowed a BMW loaner.

1) 2012 Ford Focus - Pretty good car. Reminded me of my VW rabbit I had in 2008. Steering was good, brakes were good. It was the sedan version which I think looks hideous. Also, I don't like the center console on that car.

2) 2012 Ford Explorer Black Edition - I was upgraded cars by enterprise after waiting so long because they had no regular cars to rent out. To be honest this car was not bad and was a good SUV. I was surprised by the sticker price, but overall the experience was good. The cool stuff I enjoyed was the radio(sony system that looked very ipodish) and the speedometer was one of the newer ones that use a LCD screen and display lots of info(like the new 5 series ones).

Since it was an SUV, the riding was of course not the best .

3) 2011 Chevy Impala Limited? I think I can't really remember. Car felt long, steering felt crap. This car has 300 hp and I floored it and it didn't feel fast compared to my 128i. Probably because it was FWD.

4) 2011 Toyota Corolla.
The steering wheel felt SOOOOO lose, like it wiggled and crap. The BMW steering wheel feels super firm compared to this and when turning it felt so fake like I was turning the wheel but I couldn't feel the car do anything.

Also, the car had 60k miles, the interior looked like someone split a drink on it. I almost rear ended the car in front of me because the brakes were so bad. If you slam on the brakes you can definitely tell the car has bad stopping power because of the drums in the rear. Under heavy braking you feel the rear come loose a bit.

My GF has this car, and I have driven hers, and it wasn't nearly as bad as the loaner I got. I feel like enterprise gave me a car where the brakes haven't been checked or anything -_-

5) 2011 VW Tiguan base model. 200 hp engine from the GTI. Was a pretty good car. Just felt like a normal crossover. Engine was much more quiet though, and also its FWD SUV and it didn't like it too much if I floored it. Interior was crap compared to the GTI or even the 25k this is worth. For a 2011 model, it has the exact same radio as my 2008 vw rabbit did. I wasn't expecting it from a 25k car.
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