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Originally Posted by sin911 View Post
Here are some quick facts about the discussed cars:

-Due to smaller engines in the 911 and Boxster/Cayman, getting more HP from simple bolt on mods are much harder than getting power from an M3
-Cayman is a very capable car from factory. The mid engine platform gives the Cayman a lot of traction and easiness to drive for any driver with any experience
-The new Cayman S will also feature a 3.4L Flat 6 as the Boxster S, and the base 991. The engine is a de-tuned base 991 engine. Meaning you can get more power with a simple tune.
-Porsche will always keep the Cayman the little brother to the 911. Otherwise it will kill the 911 sales
-The driving technique for 911 and M3 are completely different due to platforms (FR vs. RR)
-The M3 has advantage over the 911 in the weight bias. The M3's good weight bias will help going into the turns. The narrow tires of the M3 and having a lighter rear end will result in oversteer coming out of turns
-M3 has its disadvantage because of the hefty weight of the car
-M3s are certainly under-rubbered in the rear, but not on the front
-The 911 is light on the nose, meaning it will induce understeer going into turns. The technique to drive a 911 is this: slow in, fast out. The heavy rear weight will yield to better traction coming out of corners. So an M3 driver may keep up going into a turn, but will fall behind coming out.
-Mastering the skills to drive a 911 to its limits will certainly take longer than an M3

I have a 997.2 GT3, and I just sold, three days ago---a 08 M3 Sedan Base car.

M3 has NO weight advantage at all----yes the M3 is just about 50/50 front and rear.....but the extra 300 lbs all coming in the front don't really help the M3.

The M3 not will but DOES understeer going into turns because the tire to weight on the front of the car is way too small.

My GT3.....625 lbs each corner....8.5" wheels 235 19" tire vs the 245 of the M3 on a 8.5"...but the M3 has like an extra 275lbs on each front corner.

M3 much better GT cruiser, but it is not a sports car IMO.

I would rather drive the M3 on a long drive or as a daily.

Hard driving----no comparison