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Originally Posted by misterB27 View Post
I was wondering how other people did their break in period.

I heard most people just ripped anyways during the break in period.. I would like to do that too, but I want to know other peoples' opinions.

Any thoughts?
You really don't need to do this 1200 mile thing. Seriously....think about it from a proper scientific viewpoint. Say, on average, you are driving around 40mph and around 3000 rpm. That equates to 30 hours of driving at 180,000 rph. This equals 5,400,000 revolutions. Do you really think it takes that many revolutions to properly break in your engine?

Put it another way......Have you ever used a dremel tool at like 6000 rpm? Do you see what it will do in one minute even with just a polishing pad attached?

Finally, these engines are run at redline from the factory before they make it to your car.

I drove it very hard but kept it below 6000rpm for about the first 300 miles. Kept it below 7000rpm for upto about 600 miles. After that I did whatever I wanted.

Important thing is to vary the rpm a lot, and allow for a lot of engine braking at higher rpms within your alloted rpm range. This will allow for proper sealing of the piston rings and you will burn less oil.

FWIW, I have only needed to add 0.5 quarts of oil in 6500 miles and 1 year of ownership. I probably didn't even really need to add that amount but my oil level fell below one-half.
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