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Today was an informative day.

1.) I thought my car would weigh in at around 3700+. Took it on the scale today, and with just over 1/4 of a tank it weighed in at 3520. A gallon of gas weighs around 6lbs, so even with a full tank I wouldn't have broke 3600. Very happy to see that my car wasn't as chubby as some others claim it is.

Error on the scale was +/- 10lbs so pretty accurate regardless.

2.) Visited Intec Racing today to get the M on the dyno and loved the speed shop. The owner ( Lawrence ) is extremely chill, and I could tell just by watching him work he's been in the business for a while. The shop is definitely JDM oriented, but that's not to say they don't show Euro's love. The visit was perfect even though we did have 1 hang up. It took a while for us to find out where to connect the leads to the car for torque readings. During our attempts to find the connections, we tried to remove the intake plenum and found out the hard way that apparently BMW doesn't want it removed. I don't know about your cars, but mine were loctited in, resulting in us breaking both bolts on top of the plenum.

This is kind of the kicker. When the 1st one broke Lawrence immediately came up to me and asked me for my contact info so he could reimburse me for the bolt. I told him it didn't matter since, the intake plenum was going to come off sooner or later, if he didn't break the bolts I would have. So we just ventured on. Of course the 2nd one broke too (not a surprise ), and we laughed at how resilient BMW was when it came to customers working on their own cars. After that, not only did he say he would pay for both bolts, he cut the price in half for the dyno session ( so instead of 80, I paid 40 today for 3 pulls ).

I didn't want him to feel guilty for the bolts, because it's ridiculous that BMW would loctite any bolt/screw for the sole purpose of preventing access. I declined the offer, but he gave me half off on the pulls anyways. Ultimately we got the leads connected and it was time to see what the work horse was putting down.

I got 1 of the pulls on film ( Would've had 2, but I'm an idiot when it comes to cameras). That's Lawrence in the car doing the pull.

And here are the results of my 3 pulls. I was aiming for 340rwhp, so I couldn't have asked for more.

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