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Originally Posted by mohsenadbz88 View Post
Times have changed, people have newer phones with newer technologies and they would like for their premium vehicle to be able to incorporate all that such as Bluetooth, hands free calling, etc. you seem like you are so against change, just calm down, I have a 2012 BMW M3 and I have previously owned a 1998 BMW M3 and I dont think BMW lost any of it's driving feel, it only got BETTER, they are a world renowned company with the brightest minds running the company, if you think you are so smart, try to get a position in BMW where you could make them go backwards with using no technology haha, good luck, I love the direction BMW is heading nowadays, all of those new vehicles are beautiful and a sight to behold when seen on the road!!!
I do like the integration of technology, I hate the sacrifices that are not necessary (or at least not ready yet), electric power steering does not feel right, the older stuff feels better. I hate the clutch delay valve, I hate soft stop brakes, I don't like technology for technology's sake. BMW is admitting that electric power steering is not as good by keeping it off of the M cars. I feel like we are being treated as beta testers, and the product is suffering for it.