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Thanks for the comments all, and congrats on your E92! Be great if either you or Von Zoom where my instructor! Have any of you who've run VIR ever noticed problems with stock brakes and fluid? I was researching the stock is DOT 4, and the aftermarket DOT 5, the boiling point doesn't appear terribly different, but I suppose every bit makes an impact?

Any other gear I DEFINITELY need? My cousin's hubby is in the Novice Group with a 911 GT3, he says the neck pad helps for the helmet rest, and eases pressure on the neck after lots of driving? Gloves key too?
Don't worry about any of that stuff. There is no way a novice is going to boil his brakes the first time out.

You're fine without a neck pad, but gloves will be nice if it's super-hot and your hands get sweaty.

A novice in a GT3? Oh, sounds like fun! There's also a first-timer driving a Ford GT, hope I don't get those guys! Chin tends to pair students and instructors in similar cars, so it's likely you'll end up with Von or me.