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Got Coding?

I just wanted to share my experience with Mike Benvo - Coding Extraordinaire. BMW makes a great car but I'm a purest. I can't stand all the bells and noises that the car has. I don't like the fact that the seat belt arm hands me nothing half the time. Or the IDrive is still asking for me to "accept it" even though I've already put the car in reverse, backed out and heading down the road. I had a 335 before the M3 and the angel eyes were stupid bright. I could barely see them on the M3. The annoying seat belt chime that never wants to go away. Anything that disables me from seeing the time since I'm always running late somewhere just makes me mad. Then I got the LCI upgrade and the error message's wouldn't stop and my turn signals were funky. I had to find a solution.

I contacted Mike since he claimed he could take care of that and everything else. Boy... I had no idea. You know how you speak to someone and you just feel like you are in good hands. The person is confident and very assuring of his abilities and what he can do for you. That was how it was with Mike. He sent me the cable and the flash drive which I had in a day. I copied the files and called him. He was logged in 15 minutes later. Everything went fine until my battery took a dump. I have a 2008 with the original battery. Mike was able to save everything and I made an appointment to get the battery replaced at the dealer under warranty. Once I got a new battery, Mike logged back in and had to re-visit everything. I had him code just about everything- about 30 minutes worth. He turned off my driver and passenger seat belt chime and IDrive welcome message. Got my car to accept the new LCI and even gave me double blink emergency signal. I now have instantaneous mpg and adaptive headlights. I can roll my windows up with the key fab (not just down) and fold my mirrors. He also turned off my amber corners and made my angel eyes super bright (i didn't need to buy any bulbs or upgrade kit).

Mike was a pleasure to deal with. He was very accommodating with my schedule and even staying up late just so he could log in and finish everything up. He is definitely someone I would deal with again. In fact, I have already put myself on his list of ten for his new remote flash tool that he is getting in here very soon!

If you are considering any coding for your car, please don't hesitate to give him a call.

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