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Originally Posted by cs4444 View Post
Toyota and BMW are two of the most forward thinking, and agile companies in the auto industry. They both adapt to change and are proactive to future trends. Which allows both companies to lead the industry in their respective markets. Toyota has had hybrids on the market long before most manufactures, and currently lead the industry in sales of hybrid vehicles. BMW is years ahead of the other premium auto makers in bringing sustainable hybrid, and electric vehicles to the market, in a completely new way. With the clean sheet design of the I-brand that focuses on sustainability all the way through the production process, and value chain. Along with BMWs industry leading production processes for mass producing carbon fiber in a cost effective way out of their own plant they have in a joint venture with SQL . This will give them a competitive edge over the competition in terms of pricing, and accessibility to the material. This partnership will create a juggernaut for future EV/hybrid technology development, and manufacturing that should have the rest of the auto industry very worried.
I'm hoping this is what comes out of the partnership. This would be and is a great thing.
Is there really anything besides a BMW?