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Originally Posted by mofbb View Post
The angel eye looks really bright. Can i know the detail about it? Or maybe more pictures? It is just look so nice !
Angel Eyes are the Lux H8 V3. Tight install, but doable in about 15 mins.

Originally Posted by markjord View Post
Very nice. I'm interested in what you're doing with the interior lighting. What did you go with and what improvement does this give?
I went with the Khoalty LEDs for every interior LED. Installing today, so we will see.

Originally Posted by luis_m3 View Post
Very nice ride... just missing two doors. JK, enjoy the beast!!!
Haha..thanks man. I really like the E90s

Originally Posted by NHman View Post
OP, just to confirm, is your exterior color AW? I don't see any metallic. Therefore I assume it is not MW. Again, great color combination.

Originally Posted by NJA///M3 View Post
Damn! That's nice.
I have a natural aversion to white cars b/c where I grew up all taxis are white, but these pics are awesome.
Yes, it's a common combo but, I start to think, for the more noble "looks" reason as opposed to just "less-work-keeping-it-clean" reason.
Congrats, awesome car!
Youre absolutely right. Common, but still so sexy.

Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Congrats. Short of the transmission choice, it looks like what I have on order.
Nice, you will definitely enjoy the DCT. I just like the feel of a manual car.

Originally Posted by Denk View Post
Congrats, it's a beauty! I felt the same way coming from an e46. A tint would also be good, especially where you live. Happy modding!
That's definitely on my list. Im thinking 20%.