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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post

There are things today we dont fully understand. I have absolute FAITH that as knowledge grows, someday all the things that appear supenatural in origin now, will have a valid explanation, just like the bee. In the meantime, it's perfectly OK to leave that answer blank; you dont need to fill it in with some other speculative, unprovable explanation.

I am religious...I think I rated myself 2 on the scale....and this is my exact same feeling or way of thinking. I don't profess that my religion can answer every question nor offer understanding on everything we may wonder about. I also don't believe in magic or the supernatural. I do, at the same time, believe in a God. I am fine not having an answer for everything, and just like you I also have absolute faith that as knowledge increases so will our understanding of the universe which will include the nature of God.

As I said previously, I don't think science and the idea of God need to contradict each other even if they don't always seem to parallel each other. Science is conerned with the discovery and understanding of absolute truth....or rather, things as they really are. I view religion as the same thing although they may go about reaching that goal in different manners (as someone has already pointed out). Certainly science is more proactive at understanding this truth where religion seems to be based more on teachings of prophets that profess to have seen or understand truth and leaving the rest to faith. In the end, the goal, at least to me, is the same....understanding things as they really are. With this mindset, I do believe that someday that the increase of knowledge and understanding of both science and God will collide as we better understand things as they really are. Just my opinion.