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Originally Posted by Kwando View Post
I run a BlackVue DR400HD-G and it's a full out in-car dash cam. Mine is currently plugged in via the cigarette lighter although it can be hardwired. I haven't done so yet because there are disadvantages to it but it's been done. It has motion and G-sensor so it'll record even when the car is parked somewhere. I think that only works when its hardwired though. Records up to 9 hours on full HD at 30fps on a 16GB card and it's looped recording. Since you're looking for 60fps this doesn't really apply but its another option.

IMO the video quality is not as good as what I've seen in promo and other user vids..not sure why. And if you want good sound quality forget about BlackVue all owners know it's absolute sh! can hear better talking to someone through a cup phone.

What is your intended use? I only use mine in case something happens and as long as I can see license plates then I'm somewhat satisfied.

Here's one of my clips installed in my daily. It's amazing how some people are so careless driving through parking lots so I'm always extra cautious. I don't know what happened when I uploaded it but as you can see it's all warpped and low quality.

Dear Kettle,

Yes, looking at your video, it is amazing how careless people drive through mall parking lots. You see folks, speeding through a farmers market with kids and people behind minivans, hard acceleration in a busy lot, crossing the the center line, rolling through STOP signs, cutting corners...all sorts of poor, aggressive driving. And that is all in one minute! You are lucky to get out of there unharmed! Fortunately, you have it all on film in case something happens...

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